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June 2, 2020
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July 2, 2020

Not every country allows international surrogacy and the law regarding surrogacy varies from country to country. Where can you have a baby, and is it legal? Laws change every year and I will try not to mislead you and understand in which countries it is legal and in which is not. It is often hard to find current and accurate information. Anyone pursuing reproductive assistance abroad should contact lawyers directly to confirm the current status in that country and any legal restrictions that might apply. Let's start from Europe:

Is surrogacy legal in the UK?

Surrogacy arrangements are not illegal under UK law – but there are various activities connected with them that are illegal.

What about UK? The UK position differs significantly from that in other countries like the US, where commercial surrogacy is legal. The US encompasses a very established surrogacy market. Surrogacy law in the US could be a matter of State rather than Federal law. However, in Europe there are countries in which laws do not interfere with the provision of all conditions for surrogacy. Countries like:

Since 1997, surrogacy has been allowed in Georgia. Since that time, other reproductive technologies have been used in the country - egg and sperm donation.

Surrogate motherhood in Portugal has become fully legalized, as the country's authorities have amended the law on surrogate motherhood.Heterosexual couples with medical need.

In Cyprus there is no regulation on surrogacy, therefore, clinics accept to transfer embryos from intended parents to a surrogate mother, without breaking any law.

Surrogacy, like most assisted reproductive methods, is allowed in Greece.

Surrogacy in Ukraine is allowed. In the country, the law allows both gratuitous and commercial surrogacy.

Czech Republic
Czech law allows surrogacy as a way to treat infertility for women who are unable to bear and give birth to a baby on their own.