Same-Sex Marriage: Global Comparisons

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June 3, 2020
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September 8, 2020

In connection with the latest events in the world, it can be noted that almost every country supports tolerance on all points. Rainbow flags, balloons, confetti - in New York. Thousands of people going to the streets to celebrate the anniversary of the so-called Stonewall protests. It was these performances in the summer of 1969 that marked the beginning of the movement for the rights of sexual minorities in America, and subsequently throughout the world.

Gay parades are held in more than 50 countries on all continents, including such traditionally religious and conservative countries as Turkey, Lebanon, China, India, Venezuela, Colombia and others. What exactly helped the world understand that “Love is equival”? Either these are annual peaceful protest festivals, or other reasons, but the fact that in many countries adopt laws on the legalization of same-sex marriage remains a fact. A growing number of countries are legalizing same-sex marriage amid a steady advance in rights for LGBTQ+ people, but opposition remains strong in many countries. As of August 2019, from all countries in the world, 129 of them were legal and 67 were illegal.

Here is the map of some countries:
The civilized world is moving towards freedom and equality by leaps and bounds, more and more political figures not only openly advocate for equal rights, but also admit to their non-traditional orientation. The Prime Minister of Belgium, the Foreign Minister of Germany, the Prime Minister of Luxembourg, the mayors of Berlin, Hamburg and Paris, several congressmen, the Senator of California and even the Minister of the US Army - all of them at different times openly declared their homosexuality, made marriages, while not losing his political influence.

The list of countries in which same-sex marriage is permitted consists mainly of European, North and South American countries, a total of 24 countries. All of them belong to the states of the Western world with developed ideas of democratization and freedom.

As of August 2019, from all countries of the world in 129 of them (including 127 UN member states, as well as Taiwan and Kosovo), homosexual contacts were legal and in 67 illegal, and only 45 of them were covered with anti-homosexual legislation also for women. Some countries are here:
• Netherlands (2000)
• Belgium (2003)
• Canada (2005)
• Spain (2005)
• Sweeden (2009)
• Finland (2001)
• Denmark (2012)
• Iseland (2010)
• South Africa (2006)
• Argentina (2010)
• Brazil (2013)
• France (2013)
• Luxemburg (2014)
• United States (2015)
• Colombia (2016)
• Australia (2017)
• Germany (2017)