The goal of this program is to make sure the health and safety of the surrogate and also the intended parent’s child by utilizing the very latest advances in donor selection, assisted reproduction techniques, and preventative medications.

HIV is now a long-term treatable infection. People with HIV have a comparable life spam to people without HIV. Surrogacy is a perfect option for gay Intended Parents with HIV, single Intended Parents with HIV, and other Intended Parents where one or more parties is HIV positive.

When working with the fertility clinic, your health and safety are the highest priority in any respect times. The clinic will use the foremost advanced assisted reproduction techniques, laboratory testing and preventative medications to shield you and also the Intended Parent’s child.

Using Sperm From an HIV-Positive Man to make an Embryo for Surrogacy

In 1992, specialists began washing semen from HIV-positive men for insemination in HIV-negative women. Since then, these techniques have advanced significantly, additionally to the event of fully suppressive HIV regimens and therefore the ability to live HIV within the blood. To ensure that the sperm donor is non-infectious, the subsequent three criteria must be met:

• The intended parent is fully adherent to his HIV regimen
• The viral load has been fully suppressed for a minimum of six months
• There are not any active sexually transmitted infections

HIV is now a long-term manageable disease with current medications able to completely control the virus for a full lifetime. National studies now calculate the life expectancy of those with and without HIV to be nearly identical.