IVF is that the In vitro fertilization, which helps you with fertilization, embryo development, and implantation to assist you in getting pregnant.

In Vitro Fertilization could be a process of mixing egg & sperm inside the lab. This fertilized egg is implanted in your uterus. there's a step by step process followed to hold out the IVF treatment.

IVF includes many steps and it takes time rather several months to finish the process. It depends on the body-build of the person, sometimes it works on the very first try to sometimes it's done over just one occasion. IVF could be a great method to extend the possibilities of getting pregnant if you have got fertility-related issues.

At first, the person is kept on medication to mature the eggs and make it ready for the fertilization. The eggs are taken out from your body with process and are mixed with the sperm within the laboratory in order that the sperm fertilizes the eggs. This embryo or fertilized egg will get transferred to your uterus directly and pregnancy happens.

The success of in vitro fertilization procedure heavily depends on numerous aspects among the main ones are the quantity of registered pregnancies and live births. Therefore acknowledging and evaluation of all the factors beforehand can help you to boost your chances. Nevertheless the leading role in the most successful infertility treatments belongs to IVF due to wide range of infertility issues it can overcome e.g. issues with fallopian tubes, unexplained infertility or sperm motility problems.

The IVF process is safe for both the woman and the child as it takes place in the clinic laboratory. It is monitored and carried out by highly skillful specialists. The medical center performs all the necessary check-ups and analyses to control the whole process of the fertilization and works on prevention of all the hypothetical risks.

The process to carry out IVF method:

Step by step procedure

1. Ovulation Induction:

In this process, you will be given fertility medication for some months. This medication will help you to produce eggs and get mature for the fertilization.

2. Egg Retrieval:

Matured eggs are removed out of your body by doctors. They use a minor surgical procedure for this in their clinic.

3. During the surgical process:

Doctors will give you medicine to make you relax and comfortable during the surgical process. They use ultrasound during this method to see inside your body. The doctor will put a hollow tube into your ovary through your vagina. The tube aims at the follicles where your eggs are present. Through a suction device, eggs are gently pulled out of each follicle.

4. Insemination:

Next step is carried out in a laboratory where mature eggs are mixed with the sperms and this is known as insemination. The sperm can be of your partner or of any donor. The egg and sperm are stored in a special type of container where fertilization happens. Sometimes sperms with lower mobility are injected into the eggs for fertilization to occur. People working in the lab monitor the process of embryo formation.

5. Embryo Transfer:

After 3-5 days, doctors will put embryo into your uterus directly through a tube. This tube is put into your uterus through your cervix.


If embryo gets attached with the lining of the uterus then pregnancy happens.


After embryo transfer, you are recommended to take rest for the day and you can go back to your daily activities from the next day.