1How long does it take to be matched with intended parents?
Once you have completed the necessary paperwork and submitted your medical records to us for review, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a number of months to find a strong match for you.
2Why should I choose Chance Surrogacy?
There are too many different agencies, and absolutely it is your own choice, but many women have already worked with us, some have completed 3 journeys! – and are open to sharing their experiences and answer any questions. We offer extensive support to our surrogates from the moment you start researching through the pregnancy and delivery, and beyond.
3Is it legal?
Our agencies based in Georgia and Cyprus therefore it is legal.
4Why would someone choose to have a Surrogate?
Intended Parents (IPs) choose surrogacy because of their strong desire to have a family, and they are unable to do so on their own.
5How long does the surrogacy process take from start to finish?
We aim to move things along as quickly and safely as possible. Most Surrogates finish their surrogacy in 18 months (from initial application to delivery), but we encourage you to prepare yourself for up to two years.
6How much do surrogates make?
We are flexible, and as a surrogate you can customize your benefits, and how you'll use your payments. Surrogate compensation varies depending on your insurance, state of residence, whether you've been a surrogate before, and the terms outlined in your Carrier Agreement.
7How long do I have to wait after my last delivery before I can become a surrogate?
Based on guidelines set by fertility clinics, we can work with surrogates 6 months after a vaginal delivery or 9 months after a delivery by C-section.
8Will there be any costs to me as a surrogate?
Initially, you may have expenses related to obtaining and mailing your medical records, and traveling to your testing and screening appointments if you live locally. All other surrogate mother costs and fees are covered by the intended parents.