As our client, your interest is usually paramount. This is often a fundamental precept of the Canon of Ethics that applies to attorneys. Consequently, we are never confronted with a conflict between your interest and therefore the surrogate’s interest. We'll facilitate the surrogate mother’s journey, but she isn't our legal client.

Your money is protected in a very regulated trust fund: this implies that after you pay us before, the cash is held in a very trust for you. Until we earn it, it's still your money, so you'll never read a clause in one among our contracts that claims that none of your money is refundable. Everything you tell us is confidential and guarded by attorney/client privilege. We'll represent you – and only you — and can prepare and negotiate your surrogacy agreement and coordinate a court strategy to make sure that you just are declared the legal parent(s).


As candidates are identified, we undertake an extensive pre-screening process. But 10% of applicants make the initial move receive our full application, at which point we start our extensive vetting process.

If application responses indicates that a candidate is also viable, our screening process moves on to the important steps of obtaining a completed form from her obstetrician, conducting a minimum of two detailed interviews of references, having her written application and obstetrician form reviewed by a Reproductive Endocrinologist, and interviewing the surrogate candidate in her home.