Everyone deserves a family, and we can make your journey easier.

We work with a broad range of parents, including Single men who want a child, Single women who cannot carry a child to term themselves, due to infertility or health risks, Same-sex male couples, Same-sex female couples who cannot carry a child themselve, Heterosexual couples struggling with infertility and the inability to carry a child.

Our clients are from China, US, Germany, Turkey, France and others. Thousands of parents have chosen ChanceSurrogacy because our experience and reputation give them the confidence to move forward with achieving one of their life’s greatest dreams.


ChanceSurrogacy has experience working with a variety of clinics in Georgia,Thailand, Cambodia, Cyprus, US


We gear our surrogate matches to meet the criteria and preferences that our intended parents seek.


Besides the fact that our donors and surrogate mothers are beautiful and often models they are selected based on strict criteria and pass a number of psychological interviews before they are accepted as potential surrogate mothers for your programs.


Our lawyers will accompany you during the whole period of your program and assure that you take your baby home safely.You can feel confident that your privacy will be fully protected, and that all guidance we provide will come from a place of integrity.